Simply put, if you need a bulb for a fixture or piece of equipment, you have come to the right spot.

Since 1985 Specialty Bulb has gained a reputation as the go to supplier, vendor, and distributor of specialty light bulbs. It has been said, “If you can’t find it at Specialty Bulb, good chance is that you won’t find it anywhere else.”

Here are just a few of the reasons people choose to do business with us:

“Plain old fashioned professional customer service. They do what they promise!”

“When I need something out of the ordinary, I go directly to SPBI – they’re the experts in identifying Hard to Find lamps.” CW

“They know what they’re talking about. I trust their advice.”

“I needed a projection lamp with a de-listed part number. SBPI not only stocks the broadest range of Projection Lamps in Canada, but they can also supply many hard to find lamps. SBPI is always my first and last call when it comes to lighting products.”

“I can rely on SBPI to give me same day shipping for stock items.”

“SBPI isn’t only about hard to find items. They’re respected distributors of a wide range of product lines representing many of the major manufacturers around the world. That’s why I have complete confidence in them!”

We promise you:

  • A commitment to selling only products we can recommend with confidence
  • A buying experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.
  • The kind of service you thought went out of style decades ago
  • To always do our best
  • To deserve your business on an ongoing basis
  • To do what it takes to ensure that we deliver beyond your expectations

Our Mission:

Our highest goal is to help you – we want to exceed your expectations with our products and our customer care.